Thompson CT Trail Clean-up (DATE TBD)

Published on 11 June 2024 at 09:36


Let's do what we do best and clean up a great place. The trails in Thompson CT are in DIRE need of cleaning. There are massive amounts of trash scattered throughout the forest. Cans, wire, glass and even furniture are littered across the ground. 

This is no easy feat and not for the faint of heart. It will require a good number of volunteers, many hours and lots of resources. You will also be required to navigate the trails (slowly) as we stagger our convoy over stretches of the trail. It will essentially be a slow trail run as well since we have to drive through it. We are currently working on coordinating when and how this is going to get done. 

It's so unfortunate that (*most likely local kids) can absolutely trash and ruin places like these; but we can change that. Let's show everyone what Adventure O N E is all about!

Interested in joining? We're collecting a rough head count for now

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