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Pre-WBM Camping - Wilderness Lake Campground

Published on 30 April 2024 at 07:52

Friday May 31st - Saturday June 1st

Join us at Wilderness Lake Campground from Friday May 31st to Saturday June 1st!

Looking to hang out early before the big show? Us too.


  Come camp for a relaxing and fun weekend. Meet and chat with other Adventure ONE members and get those final preparations done before the show! Get first dibs on those new ADV1 x WBM decals, too!


-Check in - is from 12:00pm until 8:00pm. You MUST have purchased a pass below in order to secure a spot, as space is limited! There will be a sign-in roster upon arrival at the campground check-in office!

-Finding the SiteIf you need help finding the site, we'll be on radio! we'll be on channel 7 (462.7125 MHz). Cell signal isn't great, so give us a call and we'll come get you! We'll be updating a map with site location soon.

-Sleeping Options - You have the option to car camp or bring a small tent (please don't drop down a 12-Person tent). We'll do our best to ensure everyone has a solid place to park/sleep. 

- Food & Drinks - We'll be providing the essential camping food; hotdogs and burgers, chips, smores, water and sodas. Please be sure to bring extra food/drinks for yourself, if you're feeling generous feel free to bring things to share, too! *Alcohol is permitted for those 21+, just please be responsible. Those found being idiots will be tossed into the woods for the bears.

- Rules & Behavior - Please follow Wilderness Lake's set of rules and guidelines. Adventure ONE prides itself in "not being those people". If you're found breaking any rules or being disrespectful, we'll ask you to leave. We have a good relationship with this campground and would like to keep it that way!

OH, we also decided to host a gear swap on Saturday afternoon since we had a bunch of members interested in selling/trading gear.


Limited Spots!

Wilderness Lake Camping Pass

Limited Spots!

Wilderness Lake Camping Pass


Each person MUST  purchase their OWN pass even if sharing a car. Please be sure to select the correct amount of days! This is a exclusive ticketed event with limited spots. Your ticket covers Food, snacks and ADV ONE freebies! We'll also be doing some small giveaways :)


*These spots are NON-REFUNDABLE. Please, please, please be 100% sure you're attending. If there is an emergency and you cannot attend, please reach out to an Admin.

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